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Reading choices are tricky. 

According to research, the average reader finishes less than 50% of each book they read. 

Christian reading is even trickier. How do we know if what's being recommended to us is edifying, sound, balanced, and approachable? 

That makes Christian reading lists even trickier. Some reading lists seem to require a PhD to qualify. Others are focused only on theology, or the classics. Still others are unfiltered lists of fiction books. 

That's why I created "Read This Next: A Comprehensive Guide to Christian Reading." 

"Read This Next" is a list of 400+ books in four categories: Theology and Philosophy, Wisdom and Work, History and Biography, and Fiction. Each book has been researched and hand-selected by yours truly for their balance, approachability, soundness in doctrine and beauty.

What's the catch? The catch is, I can't do the reading for you. That's on you! 

Subscribe now, and you'll not only receive "Read This Next", you'll also receive:

  • My weekly Friday morning newsletter, "The 5-Point Reformer", where I curate the top 5 resources on important cultural issues (here's a sample). 

  • Read This Next Kindle alerts, notifying you when ANY of the books in RTN are on the cheap. 

  • Read This Next updates, revisions, and additions. 

  • A Free Bonus: "Get Published: 21 Lessons I Learned Before Getting Published" 

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste another word. Sign up below!

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