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I'm No Lumberjack.

I’m not made for pioneering, turns out. I tried to saw a log the other day, yes, just a mere log. Well I have nothing else to do and it was weeks ago when this tree came crashing down on our roof. Not a tree really but it practically could be, it’s a very large branch. So I thought I’d saw it up, split it and give it our neighbors.

Well it was not a wood-saw, for one, it was flappy and short like the kind that make warbling noises after striking a cartoon character on the skull. And I am not a wood-sawer, so that’s two strikes. I would guess I spent about an hour at it, in total, and couldn’t get a single full cut through.

There was something weirdly familiar to me about the process. So much of my life is occupied by doing things in which either 1. I’m not using the right tools, or 2. I’m not the right person for the job. Or both.

Sometimes it’s better to put down the saw and hand off that particular job. You don’t need to do everything, and you’re not getting much done that way anyhow.

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