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Tim Keller once shared that his preaching monumentally improved when he moved to New York. This is because New Yorkers say what they’re thinking.

Feedback - from congregants, non-Christians, mature, immature, video, audio - is an essential ingredient in improving my preaching. After seeing some video of myself this week, I was stunned by the totally subconscious mannerisms/habits/speech patterns I’m blind to in the pulpit.

Again, this feels “inauthentic”. But my main critique of myself was: “That isn’t me.” Or, “That’s not what I was trying to say.”

Authenticity takes work.

Communication takes work.

It requires the surgical pain of feedback.

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Apr 02, 2020

Self video's can be deceiving as well as brutally honest. It's good for hearing what you said instead of what you wanted to say. But speakers can get too hung up of body presentation looking at themselves. You have developed a nice natural pattern of motion and physical presence that you shouldn't fiddle with too much. Look at some of Haddon Robinson's You Tube sermons - I think his body language is about as good as any I have ever seen. It works seamlessly in parallel with his language. Watch his sermon on Philemon and Onesimus. I had to work hard not to be too stiff and formal. You don't have that problem. Last thought, sometimes when you a…


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