Six Steps for Preaching to the Next Generation

I have had the privilege of preaching to high-school and college-aged students for a decade. I find it both challenging and rewarding, and perhaps, to some, overly mystical. Young people need to hear the Bible. I’ve found myself gradually leaning on the Bible more - not less - as I’ve breached the college campus. One particular conversation stands out to me. After an hour of speaking to a very bright girl on a sensitive moral issue, she acknowledged my right to my opinion and feelings on the topic. It struck me, at that moment, this is precisely what I’d offered her! I quickly opened the Bible, and it altered the course of our conversation. That being said, I think there are helpful and unhe

How Not to Argue Like an Idiot: The 15 Most Common Logical Fallacies

The protestant tradition is founded on “reason and the scriptures” – whether it’s Martin Luther standing before the Diet of Worms, C.S. Lewis apologetically defending the faith via radio waves, or Jonathon Edwards detailing the philosophical argument for the captivity of the soul – we are a community founded on the ability to reason. But I’ve used and heard plenty of bad reasoning from Christians. The following list is composed of some of the most common logical fallacies; I’ve chosen to limit it to only those I’ve actually heard in the last couple years. Warning: I think logical fallacies have limited value; citing logic as the ultimate end-all of argumentation is itself a logical fallacy –

Q: "What Are Your Best Daily Practices?"

This week I’m answering something of a practical nature: “What are your best daily practices?” I’m not sure if this question refers to spiritual disciplines, but I’m going to take it broadly. Here are 7 things I’ve picked up over the years. I find them almost universally in people I admire, Christian and non: 1. Prayer. Prayer is foundational to Christian formation. It is both the beginning and exercise of humility, the fruit of which is true, Christian joy. This is because prayer practices two concrete expressions of a humble heart: submission and gratitude. The first - submission - is necessary in trial, as prayer practically assures us of God’s love and power. The second - gratitude - is

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