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My Story

10 years ago, I came to college with a faith crisis. Two weeks before I stepped on campus, my youngest brother died, my best friend was suicidal, and I was…lost. During those years, I left the church, as I couldn’t find good answers to my questions. During my final year, I want to Oxford to study philosophy and creative writing, which solidified my skepticism.


Years later, wandering through a used book store, I found a book called “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer for $1.00. I figured knowing God sounded worth a dollar! I picked it up - and my life was forever changed. Since then, Brenna and my desire has been to impact young lives on the college campus. We have two boys, Caleb (7) and Owen (5). After finishing seminary at Gordon Conwell with my M.Div, the Lord graciously presented our family the opportunity to do ministry through Reformed University Fellowship at Mizzou. 


I love speaking to youth and college students. Two years ago, I published a book for junior high and high-school students called "Faker: How to Live For Real.


You can reach me by my e-mail address: with any inquiries. I love to hear from my readership!

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